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Don’t Drink and Drive!


Everyone knows that it is highly dangerous to drive if they’ve had a drink or two. But the question is, why do people keep doing it even when they know that they are not only exposing themselves but others as well? This is the reason why there are strict laws which prohibits driving when an individual is caught driving with a certain percentage of alcohol consumption. If you’re in this kind of situation and you are facing charges, then you definitely need the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney to help you with your administrative hearing at the DMV! So, you’ve had a drink or two and got caught driving. What’s the consequence of being caught driving while under intoxication?

If you get caught offending the DUI law, here are the consequences that you might be facing: your license will be suspended, plus you will have to pay fines which will not be more than 1800USD and you may also be requested to go through an alcohol rehabilitation program. Depending on the number of times you’ve been caught committing this misdemeanor crime, you may be spending time for at least 6months to a year in jail! These are not simple punishments for simply getting caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. Simply put, the best thing that one has to do in these cases is to avoid driving when you’ve had a drink or two! It is always a good idea to have someone else drive if you had alcoholic drinks, or best yet, stay in the area where you drank for at least a few hours then you can drive once you feel that the alcohol has already gotten out of your system. It’s that simple! However, for those moments where you totally cannot avoid having to drive because of an emergency or if you don’t have a place to go to then always bear in mind that you are breaking the law! You will definitely go through a lot of hassle and you can even injure yourself!

So in case you get caught driving while being intoxicated, make sure that you get assistance from the best Los Angeles DUI Attorney which you can find with LA DUI Pros! This great company will assign a lawyer who has wide experiences in handling DUI cases! Find out more about DUI laws, penalties and attorney services which you can avail of when you visit the LA DUI Pros website today!


How To Protect Legal Rights When Injured By Negligent Security Guards

When a person finds his or her self in such a position, there are specific strategies that need to be employed and followed in order to ensure that such an individual’s rights and interests fully are protected.

Immediately Document Conduct

A shopper is restrained on the ground by security staff in the car park of an Asda store in BristolIf a person has been subjected to rough or negligent security guards, that individual must immediately document the incident. The fact is that contemporaneously created statements that summarize what occurred in a situation in which a party is rough or negligent is given a good deal of credence in the U.S. judicial system. By promptly documenting what occurred in regard to a negligent or reckless security guard, an injured person also is able to better refresh his or her memory about what happened at a later date. This type of memory refresher can be helpful, indeed vital, when it comes to pursuing a claim or even a lawsuit for any injuries or damages that may have arisen from the negligence or reckless conduct of a security guard.

Take Photos or a Video

Another important step that a person must take in the aftermath of rough, reckless or negligent treatment by a security guard is taking photos or making a video of the scene. In this day and age, with all of the various types of portable devices, it is not a challenge to take photos or create a video to further document the scene of an incident involving a security guard. The images need to include the surroundings where the incident occurred, the subject security guard if at all possible and any injuries a person may have sustained because of the inappropriate conduct of a security guard.

Gather Information from Witnesses

Inappropriate conduct by security guards rarely is undertaken in isolation. In other words, there nearly always are witnesses to the event. As noted a moment ago, if possible, short video statements can be taken of witnesses to an incident involving rough or negligent security guards. If making a video statement is not possible at the scene of an incident involving a security guard, a person needs to take written statements from these individuals. The statements need to summarize what each of these individuals saw at the time of the incident with the security personnel.

Identifying Responsible Parties

One of the tasks a person subjected to inappropriate conduct by a security needs to undertake is identifying all of the individuals and entities that might bear legal responsibility for any injuries sustained by the victim of that conduct. In addition to the security guard his or her self, the employer of that individual is also likely to be legally liable for the injuries. A person needs to keep in mind that the guard may not be employed by the business or organization at which he or she was standing duty at the time of the incident.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with a Lawyer

Perhaps the most crucial step a person needs to take in the aftermath of an incident involving rough or negligent security guards is scheduling an initial consultation with a lawyer. A lawyer typically will be willing to schedule a no obligation and no cost initial consultation with a person injured as a result of the inappropriate conduct of a security guard.

Beware of the Statute of Limitations

What these laws do is establish a time frame in which a lawsuit for personal injuries must be filed. If a personal injury lawsuit is not filed within the time frame established by the statute of limitations, a person will be permanently precluded from pursuing such a lawsuit at any time in the future.

One factor a person who has been injured or somehow damaged because of the rough, negligent or reckless conduct of security guards is what legally is known as the statute of limitations. All state laws contain statute of limitations.