Surviving Law School 101 – Highlights and Notes

Law school is difficult if you don’t know how to take down notes or highlight important pieces of details in your notes. When I was still in law school, I used to laugh at my classmates who had a handful of highlighters with post-it notes. It was only at the first oral examination where I realized that I didn’t read a lot of the important details and somehow, everything that came out of the exam were from details that I failed to remember or note down. I bought a couple of highlighters and had my classmate teach me how to do it.

When you highlight notes and details in your law school cases, it’s important to start with the following details like important phrases in the development of the case, important items or facts that were merely stated, and at some point , the results of previous hearings. When you highlight, it’s not only important to highlight words, but you will need to highlight a phrase or an entire sentence. If it’s important enough, you will end up highlighting an entire paragraph. You can also make use of different coloured highlighters to indicate just how important they are to the case (i.e. the colour red is for the defendant’s side while the colour yellow is for the prosecution).